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Gastric Banding

It is a procedure that maintains the anatomy of the digestive system, no cuts are made into the stomach or small intestine, it is fully reversible.

Gastric banding consists of surrounding the top of the stomach with a kind of belt, which divides the stomach into a small upper part of approximately 15cc and leaves a small passage to the rest of the stomach.

This band consists of a device that allows the surgeon to make an adjustment to the internal diameter of the sleeve to control the passage of the food to the stomach, once the stomach prior to the band is filled, it will not tolerate any more food and generates the feeling of fullness.

It is performed by laparoscopy, which is less painful and less invasive. Evidence of the scar is almost minimal. Warrants frequent adjustments of the band to achieve the desired effect so it must be continuously monitored by the surgeon and nutritionist.

Complications of the adjustable gastric band placement are very rare and occur only in 3% of cases.

One month after surgery is performed, the first band adjustment is done, it involves injecting fluid into the band to decrease the diameter of the same and thus slowing the movement of food into the stomach and causing bloating in patients who can not eat more.

The permanent loss of excess weight reaches 60 or 65%, however the patient can recover the lost weight if they do not comply with the directions of the surgeon and dietitian.

Takes place via laparoscopic surgery.
The anatomy of the stomach is not modified.
The diameter of the band is adjustable.
The removal of the band is also done via laparoscopic surgery.

It is not a recommended procedure for patients who are excessively obese.
It is an operation that can be easily sabotaged by the patient, if the patient specially likes sweets and foods in its liquid form.
The band may require frequent adjustments.

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