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Gastric Plication

It is a procedure that maintains the anatomy of the digestive system, no cuts are made into the stomach or small intestine, and it is completely reversible.

It is related to the gastric sleeve, as far as its final result is concerned, since the stomach is shaped into a standpipe, the small size limits the ability of the stomach.

It differs from the gastric sleeve given that the stomach is not cut at any time, only stitched within itself.

Complications are few and there is no risk of fistulas because the stomach is not cut at any time.

The suture that is placed in the stomach is not absorbable, implying that it will not be broken or damaged with the passage of time.

In the event of any complications or intolerance to the procedure, the patient will be intervened again, the sutures cut, and the normal anatomy of the stomach restored, without changes to the patient's previous condition.

Excess weight loss is similar to the gastric sleeve or bypass in selected patients.

Long-term effects are still under study, its application is very recent, not yet considered a routine procedure.

No cuts are made to the stomach or intestine.
No risk of fistulas.
Completely reversible.
Minimum complications.

Feeling of nausea and recurrent vomiting in the immediate postoperative.
It is a procedure in an experimental stage.

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